What is Health Beet

Helping you inspire healthy habits in your community is my number one goal at Health Beet.  Whether you are an online influencer, dietitian, teacher, health coach, or any health professional, you have a major impact on helping people improve their life.

I’m Amy and I started a website in 2007 called Super Healthy Kids.  I had two reasons. One, to connect with parents who were trying to feed their kids healthier food, and to share my portion plate to have a greater impact on parents message to their kids. 

When the USDA transitioned to Choose MyPlate in 2012, I redesigned my plate to match. Now nutrition educators worldwide are using our plates to inspire their clients and motivate people to eat more fruits and vegetables. 

If you have ideas for resources and products that will help reinforce your message to your clients, students, kids, and customers, I’d love to hear about it!  

My Personal life:

I live in Utah and I’m a mom to three kids. I love running (6 marathons so far), I love hiking, and I love the mountains of Utah. I have a bachelor’s degree in Community health and I’m pursuing a masters degree in Nutrition science with an emphasis on obesity research.  After 12 years of blogging at Super Healthy Kids, I’m transitioning to Health Beet to connect with health influencers to help them make an impact on the world.