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Choose MyPlate 10 Tips to a Healthier You

Posted by Jackie Vega on

The simplest solutions to a healthy plate can become overwhelming if you are trying to make the changes all at once. Breaking it down into smaller steps can help make it simple and more likely habit forming. Here’s our favorite choose MyPlate 10 tips to a healthier you.

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  1. Get family and friends involved. Grab some cookbooks, open Pinterest or call grandma. These are all great ways to begin searching for recipes that everyone will love. From there, even the smallest family members can help out with list making, shopping and prepping.  
  2. Get organized. Find an app, pull out your calendar or grab a pen and a notebook. It is important to find your method for organization so that you are less likely to be stuck driving through the fast food window. Don't forget to check your personal calendar for those especially busy days and plan accordingly.
  3. One meal at a time. Use your healthy plate at one meal each day instead of all the time. Once you are used to a few other important healthy changes, make the Choose MyPlate your plate of choice for all your meals. 
  4. Whole foods first. Choose whole foods over juices and processed foods. Juices are void of the fiber we need and are abundant on excess sugar. Processed foods are simply depleted of necessary nutrients and overly excessive in additives and preservatives. Grab water for your liquid of choice and choose more foods that are from the perimeter of your grocery store. 
  5. Variety variety variety! Choose a variety of all whole foods: fruits, veggies, proteins and grains. You will load your healthy plate with a variety of nutrients at each meal. 
  6. Add one more whole grain. Sometimes all it takes it one more. So the next time you are planning for your weeks meals, swap out the white bread for whole wheat or even better, choose a potato or brown rice.
  7. Remember dairy. Be sure to add dairy throughout your weeks meals. If you wish to avoid dairy from a cow, try a substitute like soy, coconut and almond products. Also be sure to add plenty of other foods high in calcium such as spinach, kale, white beans and fish. 
  8. Avoid excess fat but don't eliminate it! Good fats are building blocks for healthy hair, nails and skin! Use olive oil and avocado oil for cooking and add nuts, avocados and seeds to your weekly meals. 
  9. Avoid large portions. What is great about using Choose MyPlate are the portion indications. By staying within those lines you are much more less likely to serve too much. 
  10. Keep devices away. If these 10 tips were being placed in order of importance, this should have been at the very top. In our over-stimulated and unconnected world today, sometimes it's more important to gather around the table for some good old fashioned face-to-face conversation. Why not start today. You'll be grateful for it sooner than you think!

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