Fruit and Veggie Flash Cards


  • 🥝 HELP KIDS LEARN NUTRITION – 12 fruits and 12 vegetables kids learning cards teach your student food identification, nutrition, critical thinking skills, and reasoning. Made for kids 2 years and up.
  • 🥕 FRESH & COLORFUL – Large flashcards that feature foods colorfully displayed next to their top nutrients and nutritional benefits to help them learn about healthy eating choices.
  • 🍊 SIZED FOR KIDS – 4″ x 5.5″ flash cards for kids that are easy to handle with large letters that are easier for them to read.
  • 🥬 STRONG BONES, BRAIN, AND HEART – Educational kids learning cards show each part of the body that fruit or vegetable benefits, such as glowing skin, better digestion, or quicker wound healing.
  • 🍉 DURABLE – Each learning game card is durable, water resistant, and not easily torn. Post them in a classroom or school lunchroom to show a variety of fruits and vegetables and how they benefit the body.

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